A Russian IT service provider and platform solution developer for M2M and the industrial Internet of things
Internet of things (IoT)
People are used to thinking about things as inanimate, brainless objects. But you'd be surprised how much a thing can understand with the help of IoT technology. With the advent of miniature sensors connected to the Internet, many things have become "smart" devices.

They have become ears, eyes and even hands. Smart objects connect to the data network and tell us how they feel, how they are affected by the environment, how ready they are to work before a shutdown, how loaded their mechanisms and computing resources are, and much more.
Our Expertise
Quick development of turnkey "smart" systems
We customize our solutions to the specific needs of each customer
A combination of IT, telecommunications and professional industry expertise
We collaborate with IBM in the field of development and other industry leaders
In-house production allows us to quickly get equipment into use and maintain it
Compliance with IEC 61970 and IEC 61968 standards
The creation of an IT service provider is impossible without the involvement of industry experts