KMEO is a process-specific device that provides fast, full-scale digitization for electrical distribution substations
KMEO "gives new life" to substations
  • guarantees full observability
  • boosts reliability
  • cuts operating costs
Technical data
  • measurement of values of currents, voltages, and power factors every 5 seconds regardless of phase or controlled feeder;
  • load power and power consumption measurement with an accuracy grade of 0.55 mA;
  • oscillography of currents and voltages in case of deviations in grid parameters;
  • measurement of plant process parameters on four 4-20 mA channels;
  • handling of unauthorized access and smoke emission in the plant through 8 discrete channels;
  • direct connection to 0.4 kW busbars and standard 5A transformers;
  • data transfer via built-in GSM module.


This solution significantly reduces the cost of power plant digitalization
The automation of manual labor increases equipment reliability by improving observability
Remote control
The controller transmits accurate data in real time (every 5 seconds), thus reducing time needed for fault analysis and correction
Creation of reports, evaluation of commercial losses in electrical energy, and prediction of equipment malfunction
Resource efficiency
The basic module of the controller measures a multitude of equipment parameters and can replace up to 14 meters, thus reducing maintenance costs
Areas of application
The installation of the device provides complete observability of processes at power plants. It allows for quick responses to pre-emergency situations, equipment condition analysis, and integration with existing dispatch systems.

How it works

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