Asia shows interest in Russian IoT products: Center 2M became a participant of the 2019 Global Commercialization Workshop

The Russian IT Service Provider Center 2M presented its own IoT platform within the framework of the 2019 Global Commercialization Workshop that took place between October 29 and October 31 in the Korean city of Daejeon.
'Global Commercialization for Innovative Development' was the motto of the event, which provided a venue for presenting developments and sharing experience in such areas as utilities and agriculture, power, medical and beauty services, ICT and IoT. Nearly 300 representatives of large and medium-sized companies and government structures of various countries participated in the workshop. It should be noted that Center 2M was the only Russian developer invited to the event. In addition to our experts, speakers of large corporations from Korea, Brazil, Costa Rika, Bulgaria, Myanmar and Vietnam also presented their products.
In the course of his presentation, the Center 2M CEO Evgeny Miskevich told about the company's in-house developments: a suite of software and hardware solutions for digitalization of heating, power and utilities users, the CityPoint telematics platform and the CenterVision video analytics system that allow integrating devices into a single Internet of Things infrastructure.

«Technologies based on using artificial intelligence are among the most popular ones in the world right now. However, we and our colleagues from the developing countries still have too little experience and cases of their integration because building the infrastructure for such solutions is very expensive and time-consuming. It is satisfying to know that we cannot only adopt international practices, but also share our own experience and developments. For instance, the pilot project to create a Smart City infrastructure that the company implemented last year was a very useful case for our foreign colleagues.»
— Evgeny Miskevich, CEO, Center 2M
The Global Commercialization Workshop has been taking place since 2015. This event was the ninth of its kind. The workshop was organized by the Global Commercialization Centre (GCC) and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), the leading education and research university in South Korea.

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