Center2M joins unmanned transportation development project in Russia
Center2M, a Russian IT service provider, has taken part in a program for the development of unmanned transportation in Russia. A cooperation agreement was signed by Center2M, NP GLONASS and STI Avtonet during the Urban Mobility Forum 2018, which took place on 30 November in Moscow.

The three planned a number of joint projects for the development of intelligent telematic transport systems in Russia.

"For many years, Center2M has been engaged in the development of smart transportation technology. We are ready to share our expertise and experience in the field and thus contribute to the development of connected transportation and urban mobility in Russia," said Alexey Kasatkin, commercial director at Center2M. Center2M is a Russian IT service provider and developer of platform solutions for M2M and the industrial IoT. The company focuses on digitalization of thermal power facilities, video content analysis (machine vision), big data and predictive analytics and vehicle monitoring and control. It is also a federal communications service provider.

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