According to CNews AWARDS 2019, Center2M is the IT Provider of the year

The Russian IT Service Provider Center 2M has been nominated for CNews AWARDS 2019 in the 'IoT: Provider of the Year' category. The award ceremony took place as part of the 12th annual CNews Forum 2019: Information Technologies Today and Tomorrow.
Under the terms of the completion, the award goes to those companies who have introduced the most striking and socially significant projects in the current year, which influenced the Russian IT and telecommunications market.
In 2018-2019, Center 2M carried out a number of projects to create a multi-level infrastructure for implementing IoT products. Among them were monitoring a fleet of vehicles in real time and a project to create a smart city infrastructure.
The CityPoint comprehensive solution was used to carry out the project for monitoring a fleet of vehicles. This solution allows optimizing vehicle management, receiving up-to-date information on order status, as well as monitoring vehicles and preventing emergencies. Monitoring units were installed on the vehicles of the client company. They tracked vehicle route, its speed, direction and other parameters that are important to the understanding of profitability of business processes. In addition, the devices provided information on the level of fuel in the tank, driving safety and refrigerator temperature. In the few months that the project was in place, the company managed to reduce expenses for fuel, maintenance and parts several times, to stop improper use and vehicle idle time, as well as improve driver discipline and driving safety.
In addition to the CityPoint telematics platform, as part of the Smart City project, Center 2M experts used the hardware and software system that provides monitoring the status of utility users on the city map in real time, with indicators of critical operations of the heating and water supply networks, timely notification and response to emergencies and the CenterVision system of industrial video analytics that allows automatic counting of passenger traffic for public transportation, monitoring and management of lines in municipal offices, analysis of population satisfaction with municipal services, as well as monitoring compliance with safety requirements.
«Receiving such a prestigious award once again confirms that we have set our priorities right, successfully carrying out the company development strategy. A lot of information was presented at the CNews Forum 2019 about various software products and integration projects. However, we have not seen any comprehensive IoT solutions, including those based on the model used worldwide. Because we work both with the basic platforms and with information from various sectors of the economy, in particular, utilities, heating and power, this year we have managed to participate in several innovation projects that were noted by the jury. I hope that next year we will be able to present even more diverse cases.»
— Evgeny Miskevich, CEO, Center 2M
Bear in mind that this year Center 2M also won the national TAdviser IT Prize award as the IoT Company of the Year.

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