CenterVision at the City of Education International Forum

Компания «Центр 2М» приняла участие в работе Международного Форума «Автонет» - 2018, организованного НТИ Автонет при поддержке Минпромторга, Ассоциации ГЛОНАСС/ГНСС и The Russian IT service provider Center 2M presented an industrial video analytics system CenterVision as part of the City of Education International Forum that took place at the VDNKh [National Economy Achievements Exhibition] from August 29 to September 1.

In the course of system presentation, students and teachers learned about the project for recognizing snow accumulations on school campuses that was created on the basis of the CenterVision system.

In particular, the Center 2M experts told about the preparation that took place to create the recognition model. For instance, around 4,000 photos had to be uploaded in order to teach the neural network to notify of the state of just one campus.

The pilot version of the project was launched from December 12 to 28, 2018 on the campus of TemoCenter GAOU DPO [State Autonomous Educational Institution of Continuing Professional Education]. As a result of the audit, the experts of the Moscow Center of Technology Modernization of Education found that they are ready to recommend the system for implementation for the purposes of automated monitoring of the state of educational campuses, given development of a mobile application and data storage on the servers of the Department system.

According to the Center 2M CCO Aleksey Kasatkin, the Forum showed just how much need there is currently for computer-assisted learning technology among the younger generation. The young event participants actively asked questions and were interested in finding out how to get a job in the industry and what skills and knowledge are required to do that.

«On our part, we will definitely support students' interest in learning and developing machine vision systems. Our experts are already preparing a series of lectures, as well as workshops, that we will present at IT classes within a year.»
— Aleksey Kasatkin, Center 2M CCO
The City of Education Moscow International Forum is an international communication and exhibit venue for sharing best practices by networking in order to effectively implement ideas of open education and create productive horizontal networks. As of today, this is the largest educational event in the world: around 130 thousand unique visitors participated in it in four days.

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