At the international IBM Think conference, Center2M gave a presentation of an AI product it developed
The annual IBM Think conference, held in San Francisco this year, is one of the largest events in the IT sector and always attracts the attention of industry leaders. Every year, the conference opens up new opportunities for companies to use artificial intelligence. Traditionally, speakers and participants hail from the largest companies and research organizations in the world: Visa, MIT Laboratories, Husqvarna Group, Hyundai Group, Harvard University and others. This year, Center2M was one of the companies invited from Russia.

Today, projects in the field of artificial intelligence are drawing more and more investment in Russia. The focus is on projects for large- and medium-sized businesses, transportation, and the power industry. Russian hi-tech companies are developing unique solutions, allowing local businesses to better promote Russian-developed products on the world market.

"Machine vision holds a special place in our tech portfolio. We are sincerely passionate about video content analysis because the opportunity to be at the developmental forefront of the market not only charges our team with adrenaline but also allows us to change the world right now. At the same time, the potential for neural networks is, in our opinion, limitless. Our system can be implemented by both large corporations and small companies with small budgets, anywhere in the world. Businesses can use CenterVision as a progressive solution to process and manage data and to transform passive surveillance into an active monitoring process," said General Manager of Center2M Evgeny Miskevich.

Our CenterVision industrial video content analysis system is based on IBM's PowerAI Vision and uses neural networks for object recognition with an accuracy of up to 98%. The solution allows you to monitor the production process in near-real time, sends automatic notifications to your control center and prepares reports on all safety violations. Based on the analysis of incoming data, companies can predict how the situation may unfold and quickly prevent undesirable consequences

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