Center2M presents specialized solution for power facility digitalization
Center2M has presented a specialized solution for the energy industry: one single device packed with everything you need for the complex digitalization of power plant substations. The device is sold with access to intelligent service for the management of electrical grids and communication infrastructure. It provides complete observability and control of a facility and its operations.
The base module of the device measures about 20 parameters of the equipment and can replace up to 14 separate meters. The cost for the whole set of equipment for one substation will be about 100,000 rubles (about $1,550). The buyer does not need to deal with data transfer - the connection is already included as Center2M is a federal telephone service provider.
The solution by Center2M will go into commercial use in 2019.

"We set our sights on the price-quality ratio while providing functionality that is as all-encompassing as possible. The device is easy to install and connects automatically. It does not require a separate infrastructure or additional costs for communication services."
- Konstantin Feoktistov, deputy general director of energy at Center2M

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