Center2M gave a presentation in London on its industrial video content analysis system
Center 2M presented its CenterVision solution for industrial video content analysis at the Russian-British Business Forum in London. This was the European and global business community debut for CenterVision, which has become one of Russia's major innovative tech products.
"In my opinion, cooperation is a real and key factor to success in business. I affirm this so confidently because of our experience, starting with small experiments, in bringing industrial products to the artificial intelligence market. In partnership with IBM, we were able to create, in a short time, a unique video content analysis product - CenterVision. This universalized solution makes artificial intelligence available to not only large corporations but also small companies with small budgets, anywhere in the world," explained Center2M CEO Evgeny Miskevich during the presentation.
CenterVision is a video content analysis system designed specifically for industrial facilities. The system controls everything within the perimeter of the company grounds, monitors the use of personal protective equipment, identifies safety violations and informs the security service when incidents arise. Moreover, its object recognition accuracy is as high as 98%. The system effectively works for enterprises of any scale, accurately recognizing various objects and providing complete statistics on incidents.
The Russian-British Business Forum is organized by the Trade Representation of Russia in the United Kingdom with the support of the Roscongress Foundation and other Russian and international partners. Each year at the forum, dozens of business contracts are signed, promoting Russian technology on the international market and strengthening the economic relations between Russia and the UK.

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